Used Book Donation Guidelines

Items We Can Accept

If you have used books to donate to us, we welcome books that meet these guidelines:

  • current books published 2000 and later
  • hardcover or paperback
  • in good condition
  • in the categories of
    • fiction,
    • non-fiction,
    • mysteries,
    • “coffee table” art books
    • children’s books.

Please bring the books that meet these guidelines to the front circulation desk at the library.

Items We Can No Longer Accept

Please note that we can no longer accept:

  • magazines
  • dictionaries, travel guides, reference books, do-it-yourself manuals, or cookbooks.
  • health books, unless they were published within the last three years
  • CDs or DVDs.

Note: If you conduct an estate sale with Susie’s Estates, she will sell the books right off your bookshelves. Literacy Volunteers and the Salvation Army also accept used books. You might consider those options for books that the Friends can no longer accept.

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